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Nightmare at Heathrow - The Iron-On Line
October 10th, 2012
12:03 pm


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Nightmare at Heathrow

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From:Mar Figuerola
Date:October 11th, 2012 08:12 am (UTC)
Sorry you have to go throught this. I hope ours is the last generation to have to endure this treatment. One word though: it is people like you who go open and public about being trans that makes people like me, cis and average, happy to accept you. The fact that transition is a possibility, and it is available, and is rewarding for those who feel that's the right thing to do for them, should be taught at schools. The reason I did not transition is because I fell pregnant before I realise I could transition, as well as being in the process of accepting I was bisexual. I guess I'm also "by-gender", and it has been an accident that I love the way motherhood has transformed my body, which did not fit me before I had kids. Do I regret my life? No. Would I have enjoyed it more had I been educated? I am certain I would have made other choices. And for those who say: "but you would not have kids" that's just bullshit. I know lots of trans people who are currently raising kids. Unfortunately some of them are so scared of the possible violent repercussions for them and their families if they were to come out, that they don't come out, not even to their own offspring in case they out them at school and it gets to the other school parents! I respect that. As the ex partner of a trans man our safety depended on him being in the closet.
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