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The Iron-On Line

Of writing, gender, politics and Scunthorpe United

Nick Kiddle
26 October 1978
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My bio

I was born in Norwich in 1978. I'm left-handed, female-bodied but largely male-souled. I have a degree in Physics with a European Language from the University of Liverpool, and my twin passions are writing and Scunthorpe United Football Club.

I've been supporting the Iron since my father took me to watch them play Grimsby Town in 1989. Despite living nearly fifty miles from Scunthorpe, I watch them as often as I can manage. On the 8th of May 2004, I achieved my ambition to watch every first-team competitive match for a whole season.

My novels

: Kirsten, Steph, Emma and Justine, gaming companions in university, have gone in very different directions since graduation. But when Kirsten turns to her old friends for help in shaking off the shadow that blights her life, they find themselves equally under threat from a monster that knows how to exploit their every weakness.

Servant of the Bryn: When Allie meets Ray at a party, she's just looking for a flirtation that will take her mind of the problems she's having with her long-term boyfriend. But as her relationship with Ray grows deeper and she learns his shameful secret, she finds herself entangled in a struggle between good and evil that will take everything she's got.

Dragon007: It's eight years since Reilane dissolved the psychic bond with her former lover, and she hasn't spared him a single thought. But now, her country needs her - and him.

Alex McQueen: When you change from female to male once a month, life can be tricky. If you dare to fall in love, it can be trickier still.

Neal&Amy: It's bad enough living in a town you hate with a step-sister determined to make your life a misery. But if the two of you become reluctant guardians of a dragon egg, things have to potential to change - maybe even for the better.

Paul&Karen: When Paul's wife disappears, the only clue is a mysterious doll that looks almost exactly like her. Several strange people want to get their hands on the doll, but Paul just wants his wife back home safely.

Revenge(Formerly the Instant Novel): A woman James barely recollects explodes his life by presenting him with a baby he knows he can't possibly have fathered. And that's only the beginning of his problems.

Strangers: Frankie was just getting to know David when he disappeared without trace, right after going to check on mysterious Mrs Pearson. And now the world is turning monochrome.

Therapy: Ex-mage Foven just wants to lie in his room and die until the day he gets a new roommate. Mage-orphan Mellio wants to know why his parents died, and he won't give Foven any peace until he finds out.

Frequently asked questions

I love your match reports, but I don't know much about football. Any chance you could explain some of the terms for those of us on this side of the Atlantic?

I'm working on a guide to football for absolute beginners. Unfortunately, I'm so disorganised that I've been working on it for six months with very little to show for it so far. Watch this space, and I will sort it out eventually.

Can I link to something you wrote?
Of course. If you want to make me really happy, send me an email to let me know you linked, but even without an email it's fine.

Can I copy something you wrote and put it on my site?
The answer might be yes or no depending on which piece it is and why you want to copy it. Email me first and we can discuss it.

Are your novels online anywhere so I can read them?
No, although some of my short stories are online under a friends lock at my other journal, creativeiron. If you're interested in reading one of my novels and would be willing to share your thoughts in detail when you've finished, email me.

Have you had anything published that wasn't a novel?
Yes, I've had a personal essay included in the anthology Self-Organizing Men, published by Homofactus Press. I'm also in discussions to write an as-yet-untitled book-length work for Homofactus.

I gratefully accept PayPal donations if you think my writing is worthy of payment. If you want it to go towards the piano fund, let me know and I'll put it towards that.

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